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Aquatic activities

Surfing, SUP and Kite boarding

All kinds of board sports are on offer in Polynesia! Thanks to the variety of shores, beaches, swells, lagoons and winds, experts in this type of sport find numerous sites where optimum conditions make it possible to take part in their favourite activity. From the beginner to the seasoned professional, everyone can indulge their passion on the sun-soaked shores of the Polynesian Islands.

Surfing, stand up paddle and bodyboarding :

Whether it’s surfing, stand up paddle or bodyboarding – Polynesia is a paradise for surfers of all levels, both beginners and professionals. It provides a multitude of locations, ranging from the waves on the beach to the most dangerous waves over coral reefs and passes. The island of Tahiti alone has over thirty surfable waves, of which three are world famous, namely Teahuppo, Taapuna and Maraa. In the southern winter (May to November) the best waves unfurl over the north coast while the south coast takes the waves for the rest of the year. Moorea, with the Tema’e site on its east coast, is also excellent. Finally, there are still secret spots in the islands that certain of the initiated and the professionals frequent, mostly in the Tuamotu and Marquesas Islands.

Kitesurfing, funboarding and wind surfing :

Whether it’s kitesurfing, funboarding or wind surfing - in Tahiti and in the islands, even the smallest breath of wind and a hint of sun are enough to make the coloured wings of kiteboards and windsurfers spring up like flowers. These sports are very popular and it’s easy to see why. They are 100% ecological and they open up new horizons for lovers of nautical adventures since they make it possible to move freely around to discover beaches and shores. Furthermore, Polynesia combines all the ingredients making it possible to fully appreciate these disciplines, whatever your level. Go water sporting on calm, safe waters – learn on the lagoons to start with, then increase speed and cover distance; and then on waves for surfing and jumping. And all this, together with a clement climate, warm, crystal-clear water and breath-taking landscapes.

Outrigger canoeing and sailing :

Whether it’s outrigger canoeing or sailing - the lagoons with their calm waters offer infinite opportunities for sailing and anchoring. So, everything from the traditional outrigger canoe to the racing course pirogue, from the great sailing ship to the simple kayak navigates over this marine paradise. These boats can be hired in most of the islands but particularly in Tahaa and Raiatea.