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Aquatic activities

Nautical activities

Parasail in french polynesia
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In Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora, glass-bottom boats and ‘aquascopes’ (a panoramic room situated under the bridge of the boat) make it possible to discover things hidden under the surface of the lagoon while staying dry. A totally original adventure that also provides the opportunity to photograph aquatic landscapes. Small underwater vehicles are the ideal means of transport to go down 50 metres deep, and observe in detail the underwater depths, while completely clothed.

Helmet diving

Diving with a helmet gives you the opportunity to take an aquatic excursion to a depth of 3-4 metres. This activity does not require any level of diving skills or knowledge of classic diving equipment since it is done using a helmet connected to the surface. Accompanied by a qualified instructor, those who journey downwards explore the depths of the sea at their own pace, walking through the fields of coral.

Underwater Scooter

Fun and very accessible, the underwater scooter requires no mastery of diving, nor even the ability to swim. Just like their land versions, underwater scooters are propelled by electric motors, to a depth of 3 metres, and can seat two passengers who can discuss and exchange views under a communal dome. This activity is available in Bora Bora.


this original idea, also known by the name ‘parascending’ makes it possible to get a panoramic view of the whole lagoon, the deep, blue sea and the shore, while soaring at an altitude of 200 to 300 metres. To take part in this sensational activity you are attached to a cable and pulled by the boat, either on your own or in pairs. If you have a camera, you can take advantage of this aerial excursion to immortalise the incredible view that comes into sight… In Polynesia, you can try out parasailing in Bora Bora or in Moorea.

Fishing in the Lagoon or Big Game Fishing

If a fisherman’s paradise exsts, it has to be Polynesia, where the waters are chock full of species of all sizes. In the lagoons, on the coral reefs, near the coastal shelves and out to sea, all imaginable techniques are used to catch fish, from the most ancient to the most modern with tridents, harpoons, fishing lines, nets...

As for big game fishing, the monsters of the sea depths such as marlins (haura), tuna (aahi), mackerel (paere) or dorado dolphins (mahi mahi) particularly attract those who enjoy this spine-chilling sport. A dozen or so service providers offer confirmed fishermen and beginners alike, the chance to set off in search of the most beautiful fish in the Pacific, in groups, either for the whole day or for half a day.