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Aquatic activities

Day charters

Day charter in french polynesia
© Grégoire LE BACON

Polynesia is filled with hidden paradises that can only be explored by boat. A day charter is the ideal solution for visiting theses dream landscapes in a single day: after boarding early in the morning, you'll enjoy a worry-free adventure while the captain and crew take care of everything. You'll be taken to places that others seldom see...and you'll return the same evening to enjoy the rest of your stay.

Depending on the charter you choose, your adventure will be aboard a sailing boat or a motorised craft, either a monohull or a catamaran. On board, the amenities are usually very modern and comfortable and designed to meet your expectations.

A Robinson Crusoe

Over the years, some of these nautical excursions have become things that are on every tourist’s checklist during their stay in Polynesia. In particular, there's the day charter to Tetiaroa, “the bird atoll”. Located about forty kilometres from Tahiti, this tiny string of islets owes its name to the numerous colonies of seabirds there. But birds are not the only creatures that call Tetiaroa home. Thanks to the coral reef that completely encircles the inner lagoon, the island is an open air aquarium with thousands of tropical fish.

Because Tetiaroa is accessible only by boat, a day charter is the only way you can enjoy spending a day in this picture postcard setting. After boarding in the port of Tahiti or Moorea, the trip to the atoll is about 2 1/2 hours long. Upon reaching the atoll, passengers are offered a dream program including snorkelling, a visit to the bird sanctuary, a catered picnic as you dangle your feet in the water, sunbathing on magnificent white sand beaches, and other activities.

An unforgettable day

Charter in french polynesia
© Grégoire LE BACON

As the day charter sails from island to island, you might want to participate in one or more special adventures. Most day charter operators offer dolphin and whale watching excursions when the season permits (July to November). A trip around an island by sailing boat or motorboat is more traditional but no less unforgettable: this option, which usually includes an on-board picnic and several stops for swimming and motu, allows you to experience the pleasures of boat travel in Polynesia (lagoons, reefs, straits, open sea, etc.) in the space of just a few hours.

Foodies can choose a gourmet day charter, with dinner on deck in the middle of a lagoon as you watch the setting sun.

As you can well imagine, whether in a couple or with friends or family, a day charter is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to enjoy an unforgettable day!

5 good reasons to try a day charter

There are several advantages that come with this activity. You can:

  • be introduced to the pleasures and sensations of sailing in one of the most beautiful bodies of water in the world;
  • reach destinations that are completely unspoiled and preserved since they are accessible only by boat;
  • savour the intimacy and the luxury of a sailing boat or a motor yacht;
  • share a special moment of relaxation and discovery as a couple or with your friends or family;
  • enjoy a complete change of scenery in just one day.