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Welcome to the Tahiti Tourisme Australia trade and media section!

The Tahiti Tourisme Australia trade and media section will support you to sell The Islands of Tahiti and to become confident to easily sell Tahiti to the right clients. You can find specials for travel industry professionals. Become an expert step by step:

How to sell Tahiti and her Islands:

  • Be aware of the specials that are out, check our packages section.
  • Don’t let your perception influence the clients quote. It’s not as expensive as you think
  • Suggest alternatives for meals: check the comparative prices of local food and beverage
  • Try not to compare other Pacific Island destinations with French Polynesia, hotel standards differ greatly from country to country.

Order brochures to support your sales:

Some brochures can help by giving you visual support to sell The Islands of Tahiti effectively:

  • Tahiti for Aussies
  • Travel Planner
  • Moorea Madness Discount Flyer
  • Activities in Tahiti & Her Islands
  • Tahiti Yachting Guide
  • “Pensions” Guidebook for Small Family Hotel

    Download the brochure order form here 

  The new 2014/15 Tahiti travelplanner  


Looking for our Destination Wedding info:

Read our Wedding Guide online here or download the full guide below.

 Destination Wedding Guide


If you need more info don’t hesitate to contact us.  For general enquiries please send an email to