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Ua Huka, nature and culture

Ua Huka symbolizes the ‘food basket’ at God’s house and features more untouched beauty and is renowned for its dry soil and landscapes. Wild horses gallop as far as the eye can see around this desert-colored land. Goats climb up on the island’s high plains… peaceful and mystical, ‘Ua Huka invites the traveler to discover a secluded universe, where the island’s ancestors are not just a part of the past but still very much part of the islanders’ every day life.

Do not miss

  • The villages of Vaipā'e'e, Hane et Hōkatu and the rich handicraft areas (carvings, mono’i, tapa…)
  • Meiaute, the most important and ancient archeological area of the Marquesas with very big underground me’ae and beautiful tiki carved in red volcanic stone
  • Petroglyphs, tiki and other age-old treasures hide in the mountains: the opportunity to partake in memorable hikes or horseback rides with the local people.
  • The Arboretum features several hundreds species of fruit and citrus trees originating from all over the world, planted over 60 acres
  • The archeological (Vaipā'e'e), maritime (Hane) and petroglyph (Hōkatu) museums host some very unique and interesting pieces.

Useful information

  • Located 1400km North-East of Papeete
  • 77 km²
  • Highest mountain: mount Hitikau (855m)
  • Population: 630
  • 4 weekly flights