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Tahuata, Mono’i Island

Tahuata symbolizes “sunrise” or “the enlightening home” at God’s house: a poetic image expressing reality so well. Small, Tahuata’s only access is by sea from Hiva ‘Oa. The island offers charming discoveries to the privileged traveler. From its fertile valleys to its crystal clear bays, Tahuata is an exquisite haven of peace, a place of history and creativity. Most inhabitants make a living out of their remarkable fine artwork, such as bone and rose wood – or miro (Thespesia populnea) carving. Mōno'i is made following the scents of traditions and secrets, like an invite to a mesmerizing perfume beautifully named “love potion” by the islanders.

Do not miss

  • The small historic harbor of Vaitahu, its valley and archeological sites
  • Hapatoni, the main village on the island, its “royal road” (paved road of the 19th century) and its me’ae
  • White sand beaches along turquoise waters (Hana Moena and the twin bays of Ivaiva Nui and Ivaiva Iti)
  • Craft centers

Useful information

  • Located 1500km from Papeete
  • 61 km²
  • Population: 720
  • Highest peak: mount Tumu-mea-ufa (1050m)
  • Access by sea only from Hiva Oa