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Rimatara, the Authentic island

Although Rimatara is the smallest island of the Austral archipelago, it holds a particular charm with many hidden beauties. Around this circle shaped island, it feels like time has stopped. With just a small lagoon the island is also one of the last shelters for an endangered bird species, Khul’s Lorikeet or vini 'ura, a bird whose colorful feathers brighten up the Rimatara’s sky. Access to the island was by sea until more recently, where you can now fly from Papeete. A trip to Rimatara holds its promises like only remote islands can.

The main occupation of the population, aside from farming, is basket weaving and especially the preparation of fara pae'ore leaves (a variety of thornless pandanus) used as a material to make woven items.

Do not miss

  • Mutuaura temple built in 1857 with rocket shaped windows that attract visitors!
  • The natural bay of Mutuaura (800-1000m long), among which lies an islet belonging to the descendants of the ancient chiefs of the island.
  • The bath of the Virgins, a natural pool close to Rare-apo motu, where, according to the legend, the love of a brother and a sister was hidden.

Useful information

  • Located 550km South of Tahiti
  • 9 km²
  • Highest peak: mount ‘Oromana (83m)
  • Population: 786
  • 3 weekly flights on Air Tahiti
  • 4 weekly rotations aboard the Tuhaa pae