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Other Islands

Raivavae, the First island

The island features a large lagoon circled by a coral reef consisting of 28 motu.

The cool climate allows for agriculture. The inhabitants, living in four different villages, grow taro and coffee but also mango and banana trees. « Raivavae » or « the open sky » is universe for various noises such as sea birds’ songs, the swell and the wind. Often considered as the most beautiful island of the Pacific, the magnificent sceneries live up to the island’s reputation as the Garden of Eden. Floating over an emerald lagoon, the island shelters amazing remnants from the past such as a laughing tiki. Numerous items are kept in private collections at Western museums, a collection that witnessed intense pre-European religious and cultural practices.

The local people have chosen to keep their island untouched and have developed an eco-tourism concept welcoming travelers in a warm and simple manner. Aside from handicraft, Raivavae is the only island where sawn outriggers are still made, ensuring the visitor a step back in time feeling while on the island.

Do not miss

  • Bike rides,
  • Walking along the magnificent beaches,
  • Discover the largest marae on the island, marae ‘Atoni. It hosts the tombs of tribal Chiefs Teriaitahiti I, II et II
  • Hop from one motu to the other during a tour.

Useful information

  • Located 630km South of Tahiti
  • 16 km²
  • Highest peak: mount Hiro (438m)
  • Population: 905
  • Flights on Air Tahiti
  • Weekly rotations aboard the Tuhaa pae