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Main Islands

Manihi, the Pearl island

Located 500 km from Tahiti and less than 200 km from Rangiroa, Manihi atoll looks like a large coral crown. It is made of nine motu separated by hoa, channels allowing the lagoon and the ocean to meet. If Manihi embodies the perfect post card scenery with a lagoon as beautiful as abundant, the atoll also represents another major interest, that of being the cradle of the Tahitian cultured pearl, poe rava, which secrets can all be unveiled to you...

3 good reasons to stay in Manihi

Experience pearl farms

The origin of the Tahitian cultured pearls was born in Manihi in 1965. This lagoon, famous for its oyster, saw the birth of the first pearl farm. From then on, the atoll’ islanders became passionate for this amazing activity. There is a myriad of pearl farms in the lagoon of Manihi and they are a unique experience allowing to understand the incredible work performed to obtain this precious gem, the genuine incarnation of the beauty of the Tahitian lagoons.

A magic lagoon

Manihi’s crystal clear waters and its fine sand beaches will satisfy any visitor, just as much as the various water activities linked to the lagoon: snorkel and drift along Turipaoa pass, line fishing where fish seem to get caught too easily, kayaking among multicolored coral heads...

A timeless village

The colorful and flowery village of Turipaoa along the pass of the same name, will offer a peaceful Tuamotu ambience, nicely blending with the ladies’ basket weaving skills and kids splashing along the lagoon. Most houses feature a dedicated pearl farming activity: ropes, buoys and suspended mother of pearl oyster...



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