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Main Islands

Fakarava, between ocean and sky

Paradise has a name: Fakarava. Its staggering beauty is an absolute must-see. Miles of motu with untouched beaches, a huge lagoon (1000 km2). It is an untouched wildlife sanctuary. Fakarava will wake up the Robison Crusoe hidden deep inside us. Beyond these incredible assets, the atolls host an archeological and architectural heritage, witnessing the various steps of its past: the ancient Tetamanu village still features one of the first Catholic churches built in French Polynesia in 1874. Other archeological and legendary remnants can still be seen on some of the motu featuring the ancestral spirit of the place.

3 good reasons to stay in Fakarava

A UNESCO biosphere reserve

The land and underwater wildlife in Fakarava are remarkable and include rare endemic protected species. The atoll features such a unique untouched environment that it became a UNESCO biosphere. One of the purposes of such a reserve is to combine conservation of natural resources and human development in a harmonious way (research, surveillance, training and education of the local people).

A stunning underwater world

Fakarava (meaning “beautiful” or “making things superb”) is as beautiful above than under the water. Crystal clear water, a 5-star underwater world, fluorescent corals and divinely warm water: simple snorkeling gear will be sufficient to make one fall in love with this oceanic wonder. Divers around the world dream of Fakarava: huge coral heads, schools of fish by the thousands, “walls” of sharks close to the passes… An amazing thrill is awaiting you!

« Bleu Matisse »

The famous French painter Henri Matisse (1869-1954) would claim that colors were for setting oneself free. The artist spent 3 months in Tahiti in 1930 exploring as far as Fakarava where he was enthralled by the infinite variety and shades of blue of the lagoon. This discovery was such that it triggered a new creative artistic move for Matisse. Visitors won’t get away from this feeling of freedom facing these intense shades of blue, a feeling that offers visual therapy!



The accommodation on offer in Fakarava is varied from simple charming establishments with beach bungalows to authentic family pensions. One luxury hotels blends nicely with the local environment offering a warm welcome to travelers.