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The Tuamotu – Gambier Islands

Amazing white sand, beaches lined with coconut trees, crystal clear ocean that’s warm to the touch…The 76 islands and atolls within the Tuamoto archipelago are spread over an area of more than 20,000km2 and where the myth of Robinson Crusoe could truly exist!

Living up to its reputation, the Tuamotu’s are a must-see for keen divers. The atoll lagoons are a protected paradise where underwater life is spectacular. This area is also the cradle of the legendary Tahitian cultured pearl, grown with love, patience and respect, lying in a blue elegant oyster. Pearl farms lie on the pa'umotu lagoons in a weightless manner where the pearls source their unmatched colors and shades.

Some Tuamotu atolls are just endless white sandy beaches with a few acres of coconut plantations. Others, such as Rangiroa, the second largest atoll in the world, are much larger.

These mini paradise islands, dotted idyllically amidst the aqua blue ocean, are remote yet easy to reach via boat/plane without having to transit via Papeete.

You will find family pensions / guest houses around most of the islands and the largest atolls host international resorts, all welcoming visitors from around the world.

Located 1,600km South of Tahiti, following on from the Tuamotu atolls, emerge the most secluded and remote of the French Polynesian archipelagos: the Gambier Islands. It is a natural and cultural gem, which visitors sometimes discover by chance but from which they all come back totally seduced...