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Getting to Tahiti

Call Tahiti

Making phone calls in Tahiti

The Post Office (Office des postes et télécommunications or OPT) operates two subsidiaries: one that provides mobile phone service (Vini) to Tikiphone and another that provides Internet service to Mana.

You can purchase pre-paid OPT cards to make a call from any landline telephone, mobile phone or phone booth.
Most of the inhabited islands still have phone booths that use cards.
The prepaid “OPT Card” is sold at the Tahiti Philately website (, in all 80 Post Office branches and by licensed retailers.

Mobile phones

For the last few years, mobile phone network coverage has been expanding by leaps and bounds throughout all of French Polynesia, rates have been falling and there is a wide variety of service plans on offer.
You can bring your own mobile phone and use it in French Polynesia by arranging for international roaming before you leave. You can also buy a rechargeable “Vini Card” or a prepaid card from Vodafone, the Number 2 mobile phone network operator since 2013.

You can buy Vini cards and top up your pre-paid card at any post office branch or from a licensed retailer. You can also top up the cards online at In case you leave your mobile phone at home, you can purchase a ready-to-use Viniphone pack (mobile phone + phone number + card credits) starting at 40 euros.

Vodafone cards are sold by licensed retailers (look for the Vodafone logo in the shop window).