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Tahiti Tourisme Mobile Apps

Official app - Travel Guide

This official travel guide published by Tahiti Tourisme has over 2,600 local addresses and contact details to help guide and inform you into 118 islands and atolls.

  • Official guide of The Islands of Tahiti

    Find points of interest, activities, visits, restaurants, spas, shops, museums, accommodation in hotels and boarding houses, and more.

  • Interactive map

    Locate yourself on the interactive map and find your way at any time through the application navigation functions.

  • Itinerary

    Personalize your own itineraries on one or more islands.

  • Share with your friends

    Send postal cards of your favorites.

  • Augmented Reality

    With the integrated navigation and augmented reality, look at what's around you, assess distances and additional information.

Papeete Audio Guide



Tahiti Tourism, in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and the City of Papeete, offers an application: Papeete Audio Guide intended to discover freely the main attractions of the city of Papeete.                                         

This free application, available on iPhone and Android, can be used offline on any type of mobile. It’s a new way to visit the city of Papeete and discover or rediscover the secrets of its monuments.

The goal of "Papeete Audio Guide" is to offer tourists to walk around Papeete while experiencing the history and heritage of the city through 15 best sights in audio narrated and illustrated with some photos :











   - Place Vaiete
   - Place Taraho'i
   - The General de Gaulle monument:"The monkey wrench" 
   - Bust of Pouvana A Oopa
   - Taraho'i I Vaiete Gardens
   - Notre Dame de l'Immaculée Conception Cathédrale
   - Avenue Pouvanaa A Oopa
   - Presidential Palace of the government of French Polynesia
   - War memorial for those who died for France
   - Paofai Gardens
   - Paofai Protestant Chruch
   - Place Albert 1er / Bougainville park
   - Papeete City Hall
   - "Mapuru A Paraita" municipal market
   - Henri Matisse and Stuart hotel



The Chinese version highlights points of interests of our Chinese visitors memory to the Chinese community living in Tahiti. It was specifically complemented by a circuit of 8 institutions, dedicated to the discovery of the Chinese cultural heritage from the shops run by Chinese families Tahiti Kanti temple through the Koo Men Tong :

  • Youn Youn store
  • Le mandarin Restaurant
  • Pacific Natura
  • The Three Wisemen
  • Philanthropic room
  • Koo Men Tong
  • Chung Sing
  • Kanti Chinese Temple

This application is developed in 4 languages: French, English, Japanese and Chinese, to meet the majority of visitors to the destination The Islands of Tahiti to enable them to access the attractions of the city of Papeete




Download the audioguide by clicking on the links below :




Or scan this QR code :