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International hotel chains

Hotel deluxe in french polynesia

Accommodation offered by international hotel chains is available in every style and is tastefully integrated into their environment, whether on a mountainside or at the edge of the lagoon, and comply with very strict quality standards. In total, nearly 50 establishments of this kind with more than 3,000 units have been built on the islands with the highest tourist traffic (Society Islands, the Tuamotus and the Marquesas).

A Polynesian influence can be seen in the architecture of each of these hotels, which are often built with local materials (pandanus leaves, woven coconut palms, a variety of precious wood types and lighting fixtures made of shells, etc.) so that these hotels harmoniously blend in with the tropical setting. Floral decoration is everywhere, from the guest rooms to the common areas. The range of hotels is wide: from multi-storey hotels to hotels resembling Polynesian-style lodges, every hotel has the amenities and comfort expected of its classification.

Whatever the hotel, the interior design will enchant you with the refinement of the materials and components used - pe'ue tapestries (braided traditional mats made from pandanus), inlay with shell and mother-of-pearl from the Tuamotus , Tifaifai wall hangings (a patchwork quilt featuring plant designs) – which set off arrangements of colourful flowers.

Bungalow piloti in french polynesia
© Grégoire LE BACON

Some hotels also offer the “be-all and end-all” of accommodation: bungalows on stilts out on the water, accessible by a wooden pier and overhanging the turquoise lagoon with its colourful fish.

The flagship guest quarters of Tahiti, the bungalow on stilts has become the symbol of the romance of the islands and the change of scene offered by a trip to the ends of the earth. The breakfast service, delivered by outrigger canoe, is an unforgettable experience for honeymooning couples, comfortably relaxing on their terrace jutting out over one of the most beautiful lagoons in the world. The glass-bottomed platforms installed in some bungalows allow guests to follow the aquatic ballet of damselfish, clownfish and other lagoon species -without even getting their feet wet!