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Media in French Polynesia


La Dépêche de Tahiti: founded in 1964 by Philippe Mazellier, this daily newspaper is a member of "Média Polynésie". It is circulated throughout the archipelago and even in France. It features local and international news, ads, and plane and boat timetables. It has been printing a Sunday edition since 1994.

Les Nouvelles de Tahiti: a daily newspaper started in 1957 by Roger Brissaud, also the founder of Les Nouvelles Calédoniennes. The newspaper joined the Hersant Group in 1989. This newspaper is published on the same printing presses as La Dépêche. The 23rd of may 2014, Les Nouvelles de Tahiti ended its activity.

Tahiti Infos: a free daily newspaper that carries dispatches from Agence Press France and announcements. It can be found in all major stores.

There are several magazines too, including Tahiti Pacifique, which publishes political socio-cultural and economic analyses of local events, La Dépêche Eco.

French national dailies such as Le Monde, the Canard Enchaîné and Libération, can be purchased in Pape'ete book stores with only a slight time lag. The price, however, is double as the newspapers must be delivered by plane. The newspaper kiosks in Vaima Centre (next to the Le Rétro restaurant) are also well-stocked.



Radio is an excellent way to keep abreast of local news, especially on Tahiti. On the more distant islands, there is only one radio station, Radio Polynésie 1ère . Around Pape'ete there are a dozen or so FM stations. We mention a few below:

- Radio Polynésie 1ère , formerly RFO Tahiti (94.3 MHz): a public radio station broadcasting news and a variety of programs in French and in Tahitian.

- Radio 1 (98.7 MHz) provides news and weather plus a selection of music from around the world.

- (104.2 or 106.0 MHz): Radio 1's little sister, plays Tahitian music. Both these stations are owned by the Aline Group.

- NRJ (103.0 MHz): competes with Radio 1 and plays music from around the world. NRJ is owned by the newspaper, La Dépêche.

For lovers of Tahitian music:

- Radio Maohi (88.2 MHz)

- Radio Te Reo O Tefana (92.8 or 97.4 MHz), which claims to be "the sovereignist and anti-nuclear radio of Ma'ohi nui", voices pro-independence views.



Television came to Tahiti in in 1965. French public television is aired in Polynesia with a 12-hour delay (France 2, France 3, France 4, France 5, France O) as well as Arte and France 24.

Polynésie 1: a general broadcaster carrying up-to-the-minute news: it broadcasts France 2's television news programme at 8.00am (8.00 pm in France). Polynesian Television News airs every evening and plays a unifying role: the first segment of the program is in Tahitian and the second in French. It also offers bilingual (French and Tahitian) programming and entertainment.

TNTV (Tahiti Nui Télévision) started broadcasting on 29 June 2000. This channel carries a few M6 programs from France, such as Capital and Zone Interdite, TF1's news shows, La Chaîne Info's news shows, a few US television series and local programming.