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Museums of Tahiti

Polynesia ... A rich and rewarding Culture

The 'Musée de Tahiti et des Îles' , its garden and the Pearl Museum are among the best cultural tours of the island of Tahiti to discover its customs , its history and the richness of the Polynesian people ; its beauty, its identity, its craft ...

Let you guided and enjoy discovering in the heart of this culture.


le Musée de Tahiti et des Iles
© Musée de Tahiti et des îles

The Museum of Tahiti and the Islands - Te Fare Manaha - invites you to discover the culture of the five archipelagos of French Polynesia .

This museum is located by the sea in Puna'auia , 15 km west of Papeete already in a place full of history ; Pointe des Pêcheurs. Located between two lagoons, it offers exceptional views between ocean and mountains

Its exceptional setting with its four hectares of park allows you to spend a day steeped in Polynesian culture and chilled in his magnificent garden , a true natural and historic site.


l'histoire de la Polynésie

This museum is rich with ancient artefacts, informations about culture , social and religious life of the Polynesian.

Objects of the Marquesas Islands, the Society Islands , Tuamotu , Gambier and Austral are presented in the permanent exhibition halls and allow to approach the natural environment and settlement of French Polynesia , the geography of the archipelago , fauna , flora , material culture , social and religious life and history of the Polynesians .


plan Musee Tahiti et des Iles

The museum consists of four sections which extend over 900m² and presents permanent exhibitions :

  • Natural Environment and Settlement
  • Material Culture
  • Social and Religious Life
  • History

A room of 360 m² is reserved for temporary exhibitions which highlight topics related to both ethnographic collections , historical and fine arts , as creations of contemporary artists.

The bonus is the PARC - " The Gardens of Hiti " - 4 hectares whose entrance is free and offers an ethnobotanical course :


Les Jardins du musée de Tahiti et des Iles


To continue this immersion into the ancient culture , the patio ( les Jardins d' ATEA ) and the ethnobotanical garden ( Les Jardins de Hiti ) museum offer different paths to discovery of endemic and native plants. This is also the opportunity to picnic in a beautiful setting. These beautiful gardens welcome in July the Pacific traditional Sports Festival, the Heiva Tua'ro Ma'ohi with the program javelin , stone lifting, copra, coconut climbing ..

Les Jardins du musée de Tahiti et des Iles

Les Jardins du musée de Tahiti et des Iles



Opening Hours : Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Entrance tickets : 

Permanent showroom : 600 F CFP

Temporary showroom : 800 F CFP

Permanent showroom + temporary showroom  : 1000 F CFP

Entrance to the park is free and available from 8:00 to 18:00.

Travel agency rates and group of people 10 and more


Plan d'accès :

plan d'accès

How to get there ?  

By car :
Coming from Papeete, after the bridge of Punaru'u before the petrol station and the shopping center , take a small road right at PK 14.7 .

In Truck :
It lays passengers for the museum on the main road 600m from the entrance.
To return to Papeete , the truck takes to the mall (last truck around 16h ) .
Price: 150 CFP

By taxi :
The fare is about 3000 CFP ( € 25 )


Le musée de la perle

L'histoire de la Perle

Located in the center of Papeete , the museum of the Robert Wan pearl is the only museum dedicated to the Pearl of Tahiti.

THE ROBERT WAN PEARL MUSEUM provides a comprehensive guide to the history and legends of pearls, crossing different cultures and civilizations.


le Musée de la Perle

Visitors to the museum learn how the pearls are grafted and can see a collection of the world’s most beautiful cultured gems.

A highlight of the collection is the largest round Tahitian cultured pearl in existence: a 26mm baroque-shaped Tahitian Silver (grey), of AAA quality and weighing 8.7 grams.Fittingly, the name of this pearl is “Robert Wan”.

« The Pearl is a gem, the Robert Wan Pearl Museum is its story. » - Robert Wan


le Musée de la Perle

Pratical informations

Free admission and visit 

Opening Hours : Open Monday to Saturday from 9h to 17h. Closed Sundays and holidays. You have the opportunity to book a private tour in different languages (minimum 2 persons).

Adress : Le Musée de la Perle – BP 850 Boulevard Pomare À coté du temple de Paofai – Front de mer

Tel : +(689) 46 15 54


Elegance and beauty of French Polynesia , the Tahitian Pearl is truly unique and authentic treasure.

Les Perles de Tahiti

Tahitian Pearl, unique and peerless 

Les Perles de Tahiti

Learn all about the history of the Pearl, how to buy a pearl in Tahiti and how ti visit a pearl farm.